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Fred Gleeck’s Million Dollar Rolodex

(Essential Contacts You’ll Need – Tell them I sent you!
Please be careful not to take up too much of their time for Free)

Contacts you MUST use: 

Domain Registration Services: www.ultracheapdomains.com (LOW prices)

Internet Marketing Consultant: Stanley Dumanig; stanley@filipinowebmasters.com (my webmaster)

Domain Hosting: www.hostwithstanley.com

Domain Name/Traffic Generation: Wade Thomas; WadeThomas@aol.com

Legal Matters: David Frees; DMFIII@aol.com

Publicity: Alex Carroll (alex@radiopublicity.com) and Paul Hartunian (Paul@Hartunian.com)

Copywriter: Call me for the latest and greatest recommendation

Ghostwriting/Web Copy: Call me for the latest and greatest

Print-on-Demand Printer: Scott Laudenslager; Kimco Printing (303) 295-2574; kimcoprinting@qwest.net

Book Cover/Interior Design: Nick Zelinger - (303) 985-4174 znick4@qwest.net

Editing: Call me for my latest and greatest recommendation (these are tough to find)

Fulfillment Services: Bret Ridgway, Speaker Fulfillment Services – 812-235-8050

Small Business Accounting: Chris Trinka – 212-628-3139 (in the NYC area only)

Office Products: Viking Office Products – 800-421-1222

Computer Hardware: Mac/Micro Warehouse – 800-622-6222

Computer Software: NUBS (you MUST say you’re a Fred Gleeck student) 800-231-6987

Duplicating Machines/Blank Media: Kingdom www.kingdom.com - 800-788-1122

Media Packaging: Sylvia Tapelt - Blackbourne – 888-676-6773

Contact Management Software: Act from Symantec or Filemaker Pro

Time Management Seminar: Franklin Covey – 800-487-1847

Training Technique Seminar: Robert Pike (take ONLY this seminar) - 800-383-9120

Credit Card Merchant Accounts: check www.google.com and put in the key words: cheap merchant account

Data Entry: Deborah (debdata@bellsouth.net) - 888-420-3282

Books You MUST Read:

Influence: Robert Cialdini

Jump Start Your Business Brain – Doug Hall

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

Website References You MUST have:

www.webmarketingmagic.com: automated system for doing business online

www.seminarexpert.com: information on how to become a successful seminar promoter

www.seminaronseminars.com information on the bi-yearly seminar bootcamp

www.infoproductsseminar.com: information on the bi-yearly info products bootcamp

www.selfpublishingsuccess.com: site showing how to maximize revenue as a publisher/author

www.consultingexpert.com: site that shows you how to make money as a consultant

www.TheProductGuru.com: site to find out about coaching in the information publishing area

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