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The Process

Writing the Book

The lynchpin to this whole system is your book. You may already have one. If you don't, you'll need one. The book, although providing a bare minimum of revenue, is the detailed "outline" of your project.

 From the book, everything else can be built. If you want, you can write the book yourself. If not, I can direct you to one of a number of very qualified ghostwriters who can write the book for you. If you can write it yourself, it will cost you NOTHING.

 If you need some help trying to figure out how much money you'll spend on this portion of the process, it will be determined by the amount of time to do the work and the specific ghostwriter you select to work with you.

 Cost: $0 - $15,000 (Approximately, based on the complexity of the project)

 Establishing Your Publishing Company

It MAY be a good idea to make this venture a separate entity than your existing businesses. I suggest you talk to Steve Soden at Soden and Steinberger. They are great lawyers. To be honest, I've never been able to refer anyone to a lawyer before I met these guys. They are great. I trust them 1000% to do what's right for you. They can be reached at: 619-239-3200.

 Also, you'll want to speak with an accountant. Mine is a guy named Chris Trinka. He can be reached at 212-628-3139.

 If you already have a lawyer and accountant, contact them. They MAY be able to give you the right advice on what to do in terms of incorporating, etc. If you contact either Steve or Chris, make sure and mention that I sent you. I have a lot of clout with these guys, so make sure and use my name.

 Cost: $1,000 - $1500

 Book Cover Design

I have a great contact who will do both your cover design and interior design. He has a special deal only for my customers. Refer to www.FredSaysNick.com. Go to that site and check it out.

 Cost: $995

 Editing of the Book

If you write the book yourself (and in many cases, even if you didn't), you will definitely need to have it edited. You can have this done by a wide variety of people at a wide variety of price points. Prices for half-way decent editing runs anywhere from $30 - $95 an hour.

 I have been VERY disappointed with editors. I've found most of them to be pretty flaky. Call me for my latest recommendation.

 Cost: $250 - $1500 (Wide range due to the differences in the writing skills of different authors)

 Interior Design

Between the covers of the book is the text itself. In order to make it look good, you have to design the "interior" of the book. This includes pagination, chapter headings, etc. This is a time consuming process and CAN be done yourself if you're so inclined. It's up to you, but I'd leave it to the professionals. Tami and her partner Erin at TLC Graphics are whom I use. Once again, they are my recommendation. Prices on these services generally go from a low of $5 per page to a high of $10 per page. Contact Tami Dever at the number and email I mentioned above.

 Cost: $500 - $1,500

 ISBN Numbers

You will have to reserve yourself a set of ISBN numbers. If you're publishing books or any other information products these are mandatory. They serve as you social security numbers for your books, audios and videos.

 Each product must be assigned a separate ISBN number. They can be obtained through RR Bowker. They can be found at www.bowker.com. You can order them either 10, 100 or 1,000 at a time. If you see yourself doing a lot of information publishing, get a set of 100. The price below assumes 10 at a time.

 Cost: $300+

 Domain Name Reservation

You will need to reserve the appropriate domain names for you and your materials. This is not as simple as you think. You'll need to consult with me before starting the process. Make sure to reserve misspellings as well. My best example is my site: www.speeking.com. This one caters to professional speakers. I don't care whether or not they can spell, I just want them to buy!

 I have a different website for almost every product I sell. Domain names are cheap. Use different ones where appropriate.

 This site produces a lot of "type in" traffic. That means that people go to their browser and type in something and just hit the return button. If they type in SPEAKING and type it wrong with two E's, they find me. This can be done most cost effectively and inexpensively through www.ultracheapdomains.com. Expect to pay less than $10 per domain name, per year. By way of full disclosure, I own this site, but I make virtually NO money at these rates.

 If you need to understand more about domain names, contact my friend Wade Thomas. He's the domain name expert. He can be reached at WadeThomas@aol.com

 Cost: $50 (Assumes 5 domains, more if more are reserved)

 Website Creation

Websites that look attractive and win awards may not produce revenue. Don't be fooled! I'd rather have an ugly site that produced a lot of revenue rather than the reverse. Create a site to most effectively market and sell your products and services. This design should be VERY different than most of the traditional models of designing websites that DON'T work.

I have a guy that I recommend that you use who is both inexpensive and knowledgeable. His name is Stanley Dumanig. He can be reached at http://www.FilipinoWebmasters.com. His email is at stanley(at)filipinowebmasters.com.

 Cost: Stanley works on a $1000 retainer and charges $65 per hour against it. I've told him he is undercharging, so this is subject to change.

 Webmarketing Magic Program

Set up the backbone to your automated product marketing system with WebMarketingMagic. WebMarketingMagic is a piece of software that is "server-based." This means that it doesn't sit or reside on your computer. It sits out there in cyberspace. To your customers it looks like it's on your site and will work as fast as anything on the market.

 I found this program after I figured out all the things I needed for myself and my clients in a piece of software. When I went out to price all of the various items individually, it came to well over $3,000. WebMarketingMagic has all of the elements I wanted and more for just $600 a year.

 This program gives you everything you need to run your business simply and efficiently.

 It's a proprietary program which can handle all of the technical things necessary to make this system work. It does more than most of the programs out there for less than 1/3rd of the price. You can test drive the system for 30 days for $3.95 at: www.webmarketingmagic.com.

 Cost: $600 per year; $200 one time sign up fee for an on-line merchant account so you can accept credit cards.

 Merchant Account Set Up

If you're going to be selling products and services, whether on or off-line, you'll need to accept credit cards. This is NOT an optional item. The problem is there are plenty of shysters out there who will take you for a ride.

 My suggestion is that you get both an online AND an off-line merchant account. Will this cost more? Yes. Will it be worth doing? Absolutely.

 Webmarketing Magic Set up and Testing

Stanley Dumanig can help you set up and install the system on your computer if you're not technically inclined. I'd recommend that you TRY and do it yourself to learn the power of the program. If you can't handle it, email Stanley. He's at the contact info above.

 Cost: $500 - $750


The key to a successful website is to have good copy. Copy that sells. Copy that compels a visitor to your site to pull out their credit card and give you their money. Copywriters are available at all different price points. I've got a number of people that I can recommend to you at a wide variety of prices. Call me for more information.

 Cost: $750 - $1000

 Product Creation

Since people learn using different modalities you'll need to create a series of products at different price points and of different "types." This includes audios, videos, CD-ROMs, seminars, teleseminars, bootcamps, coaching, etc. Your prices points will range from $10 to $1,000.

 Cost: As a coaching client of mine, my time to help you in this area is included in my fee. You will only be charged the true COST of creating your products.

 Creation of the 5-7 Page Reports

You will need to create some low end reports. These should be anywhere from 5-7 pages in length. They should be made available in both physical and digital form.

 These reports can then be sold for less than $10 and be an inexpensive way for people to "wet their feet" with your services. Each report should have a "resource box" at the end of it to tout your other products and services.

 Cost: Consultation and review of reports are included in my fee

 Create Audio Products

There are three ways to do audios. First, record yourself talking solo in a studio. This is not recommended. Second is to record an interview with someone using the extensive outline. Third is to record a live seminar. The best way to do this (I've found) is to get 8-10 people around a large boardroom table and do your seminar.

 I will work with you to help create the best audio products that we can. In all likelihood you'll end up with a number of different audio products on a variety of topics. Once created, you'll then get them duplicated. I recommend that you see either Kingdom (kingdom.com) or Rich Rubinstein (www.tapeduplicatorman.com).

 I've produced a LOT of audio programs for myself and my clients. Take advantage of my knowledge and expertise.

 Cost: The time to do these audios is included in my fee

 Create Video Products

Videos can be an expensive item. There are three ways to do them. You can either sit in the studio and look into a camera. This I do NOT recommend.

 You can record a live seminar or you can create a script and hire actors. In all of these cases you'll need to pay for a camera crew to shoot the event and for the video to subsequently be edited. Often times these costs run about the same dollar amount. When you get to the point where you're thinking of doing videos, call me! This is one of my stronger fields of expertise. I've produced hundreds of audio and video programs for myself and my clients.

 Cost: The time to assist in the creation of videos is included in my Fee; cost of video depends on the complexity of the project

 Design Seminars

Using the book as an outline, you'll need to create a seminar. Before you do any seminars you should have products ready to sell and make sure you've read my e-book: "Selling Products from the Platform."

 Cost: Review of your seminar is included in my fee

 Design Bootcamps

Similar to seminars, but longer in duration, you should be thinking about putting together more comprehensive 3-day events. You'll need to understand how these work to maximize income and your benefits from doing them.

 Cost: Review and advise on putting your bootcamp together is included in my fee

 Design and Implementing Teleseminars

Teleseminars are easy to do and need to be recorded each time to be sold as future product. You'll need to get the proper equipment to record and to duplicate the audio tapes or audio files. I can recommend some places for you to go to get this service.

 Cost: I'll help you to put the teleseminars together as part of my fee

 Filling the Funnel

Once the products have been created, you'll need to start filling the funnel with qualified prospects. Filling the funnel can be done in numerous ways. These include, but are not limited to: publicity, teaching classes at adult learning centers, writing articles in magazines, writing ezine articles, etc.

 Cost: Depends on the methodologies used. Fred to advise you as part of his fee.

 Click here for the Fred's Funnel System (PDF file)


Drive Traffic to Your Site

I've got over 150 domains. All of them make money. There are two parts to success on your website. First, you have to design a site that sells. The way to measure this is the percentage of people you convert to buyers who visit your site. The greater the number, the better. Second, you've got to get people to your site

 A website is worthless without traffic. I suggest you pick up a copy of my book: "How to Double Your Sales on the Web in 90 Days or Less".

 Cost: Depends on the methods of traffic generation you select

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