Three Things to Get Started:

Step 1: Take a DISC profile. Please go to and take the basic $59 test. After you take the profile, send me a copy. I will review it. If we have compatible styles, I will let you know. Then you can proceed to the next step. If we are not compatible, I will let you know and that will be the end of the process. It is important that we are compatible. In addition to having styles that wok well together, you need to be COACHABLE.

Step 2: You will then speak to 3 or 4 of my existing clients. I'll give you their email addresses. Please be respectful of their time as they are all very busy. They will both "interview" you as well as answer any questions that you may have about me and my process. The purpose of your talking to them is NOT to have them SELL YOU on working with me. In fact, just the opposite. I have told them to make sure that they feel WE are a good match.

Step 3: After you speak to the 3 or 4 clients, they will report to me. If ALL of them agree we are a good match, we move forward. Should any one of these folks say "NO" then the process ends. Sorry. If we are a good match, I will send you a contract to sign that details our arrangement in writing. You'll sign that contract and return it with a check. The finances are detailed below.

Fred's Fees:

My fee for this work is $5000 down (NON-refundable) and $15,000 deferred. Thatís a total of $20,000. BUT, 75% of that fee is paid out the money I help you generate. As you start to make money, we split your profits dollar for dollar (each month) until youíve paid me a TOTAL of $20,000.

After I help you generate $40,000, you then give me 10% of your revenues paid monthly.

This means that I donít start getting a ďpiece of the actionĒ until Iíve made you twice as much as youíve paid me.


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YOUR Responsibilities as a Coaching Client

Coaching is a two way street. YOU have responsibilities as well. Here is a list of things I expect from you:

  1. You must be pro-active: Call me or email me with any questions you have. Make SURE to put the code I give you in the subject line of all your emails. If you don't, your email may not get to me and you'll feel liked I'm neglecting you.

  2. Do your homework that I give to you. Please finish what I ask you to do before you move on to the next item on OUR list. This will make sure we get things that have to be done, done, before we move on.

  3. I will give you my cell phone number to call. Do not share it with anyone. This is for you and you alone. I expect you to call me when you have questions. Please do. I will not be doing a lot of the outbound calling. You will need to contact me. Please be patient as I may be traveling and unable to get back to you right away.

  4. Contact me in multiple means and be persistent. I am busy and you need to "bug" me. That's not a problem, but I want YOU to do this. I don't mind helping people who really want to get things done.

Legal Notices

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