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Keys to Maximizing Our Coaching Relationship

  • When I give you things to do, please do them before you get back in touch with me. I am more than willing to speak or email you as often as you like, but I insist that you finish the things that I give you to do before we move on.
  • Try and attend all of my events. Not only will you pick up a lot of good information, but we will have some time to spend together. You'll also benefit from the networking opportunities with other attendees and clients.
  • In our agreement, YOU are responsible for tracking the monies that you make as a result of our association. Please keep records monthly to give me an idea of how WE are doing.
  • We will have regular meetings of existing clients. These meeting are ONLY for clients and their staff. Please make plans to attend these when they are given.
  • Before you spend more than $100 on any products or services, please run it by me. I don't want you to spend money unnecessarily.
  • YOU are responsible for taking action. I am responsible for guiding you and your decisions. I want you to succeed, but I can't do it for you. That being the case, the onus is on you to call and contact me when you need help. You can do that as often as you like, but remember, I can't do it for you.
  • When you contact me, remember that I do have my own business to run and other clients. Please be patient. YOU will get first priority as a LTCC (Lifetime Coaching Client) but there will sometimes be a lag in my getting back to you. Sorry in advance for this inconvenience.
  • You can always access my calendar through iCal. It's a service through my .mac account. That account can be accessed by going to: Fred Gleeck .Mac Account Calendar
  • When you email or call me, please identify yourself as an LTCC. Put that in the email in the subject line. This will help me give your contact with me FIRST priority.
  • Remember that I make my BIG money with you as you make plenty of cash for yourself. That being the case, contact me as often as you want to get things moving.

YOUR Responsibilities as a Coaching Client

Coaching is a two way street. YOU have responsibilities as well. Here is a list of things I expect from you:

  1. You must be pro-active: Call me or email me with any questions you have. Make SURE to put the code I give you in the subject line of all your emails. If you don't, your email may not get to me and you'll feel liked I'm neglecting you.
  2. Do your homework that I give to you. Please finish what I ask you to do before you move on to the next item on OUR list. This will make sure we get things that have to be done, done, before we move on.
  3. I will give you my cell phone number to call. Do not share it with anyone. This is for you and you alone. I expect you to call me when you have questions. Please do. I will not be doing a lot of the outbound calling. You will need to contact me. Please be patient as I may be traveling and unable to get back to you right away.
  4. Contact me in multiple means and be persistent. I am busy and you need to "bug" me. That's not a problem, but I want YOU to do this. I don't mind helping people who really want to get things done.

Legal Notices

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