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Who is Fred Gleeck and how can he help YOU?

 In 1984, I started doing seminars and speeches and creating and selling information products. Since that point, I've written 11 books and have four more books coming out this year. Those books include: Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops, Speaking for Millions and Publishing for Maximum Profit. I've also sold over $10 million dollars worth of information products for myself and my clients over the last 15 years.

The system I'm going to outline here has allowed me to spend winters in the Las Vegas area, Spring and Fall in New York City and soon . . . . portions of the Summer in Europe. I'd like to help you achieve your dreams!

 My Role:

I will serve as your director/coach/mentor/partner/etc. for this business. I only enter into arrangements like this with a very select number of people, 1 out of 9 or 10 to be precise. I apologize in advance if I can't work with you.

 I make my selections very carefully. Also, since my business model involves my getting a "piece of the action" for the life of the project I want to make certain I'm working with someone who has a project I believe in, Also, I will only work with someone who is truly committed to doing their part.

 Informational Overview/Brainstorming Session

As soon as we decide to work together we’ll set up a brainstorming session. We’ll discuss exactly what needs to be done (either in person or over the phone) and assign priorities to the actions that need to be taken. This would involve looking at what products you already have and what you need to be create. You will then create products that fall into the following price points: $10, $10-$30 (your book), $50, $100, $200 etc. all the way to $1,000.

 If you already have a few information products, that is NOT enough!

 If you’ve written a book and have a couple of audio tapes, that is NOT enough!

 If you’ve written an e-book and very little else, that is NOT enough.

You need to create a line of products and an automated system to sell them.

 Remember that people learn using different modalities. It is therefore incumbent upon you/us to create products that can be read (books/ebooks), heard (audios, CD's), watched (videos, DVD's), as well as those that can be experienced (seminars, bootcamps, teleseminars).

 In our initial session we’ll lay down some very specific time lines to follow in order to achieve the specific goals we agree to.

Legal Notices

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