A couple of years back I attended Fred Gleeck's class on how to sell information products on the internet. Fred convinced me that creating my own information marketing business made sense. It certainly did! I now regularly generate $7,000 to $8,000 a week selling information products. I do this all 'working' just a few hours a week!

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"How Every Information Marketer (author, speaker or consultant) Can Double or Triple Their Incomes in the Next 18 Months"

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(Learn a comprehensive system to start and build a successful speaking/consultant/publishing business, . . . regardless of the field you're in)

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Any information marketer, author, speaker or consultant can substantially increase their incomes through a system that I have devised and have been using successfully for both myself and my clients.

Virtually no one can make any real money from a book alone. Authors interested in making serious money must create a line of "products" that they can sell to people AFTER they buy their books. Less than 1% of all authors have any of these "backend" products.

This is very different information than what you're hearing from many "supposed" gurus of publishing, self-publishing and information marketing.

To maximize revenue, an information marketer needs to create a line of products starting with your book. This product line should include all modalities of learning. These learning modalities include items that can be read, listened to, watched and experienced. This means that info-marketers need to create books, reports, e-books, audios, CD-Roms, Videos, DVD's, seminars, teleseminars and bootcamps.

Your line of products should also cover a wide variety of prices ranging from $10 to as much as $1,000. After you've developed your “skeletal” line of products you may have prices that go even higher.

You'll also need an automated, web-based system to get people to buy a given product and afterwards upsell them to higher and higher priced products. This system is based on a program called webmarketingmagic.com.

I can help you create an automated marketing system for marketing these products.

I will personally work with info-marketers to help them create a complete line of products in a minimum of time and as inexpensively as possible.

A system like this, when you put it in place will help you make two to three times as much money as others. Following my advice you'll have more money to spend on generating more leads as cost effectively as possible.

If time is an issue, a line of products and an automated marketing system can be created and put in place in less than 30 days if necessary.

The Concept:

Start with your book (or write one) and use it as the outline to create a complete line of information products. Then create a system to market those products virtually automatically. Your products and services will be marketed with a web-based system that I have devised and use myself in all of my (10+) niche markets.

 Some people who coach/mentor others have never done what they are trying to teach. Not true here. I've developed hundreds of information products and I practice exactly what I preach to my clients.

Filling the Funnel

Once a skeletal line of products has been created, you'll need to start filling your funnel with qualified prospects. Filling the funnel can be done in numerous ways both ON and OFF line. These include, but are not limited to: publicity, teaching classes at adult learning centers, writing articles in magazines, writing ezine articles, etc.

Cost: Depends on the methodologies used. Fred to advise you as part of his fee.

Time to Recover Your Dollars

You're probably wondering how long it will take you to recover your investment in this project. My best guess is that if your investment is on the low side of the range, expect to be paid back in 6 - 12 months. If your investment is on the high side of the range, expect to get paid back in 12-24 months. This includes any fees that you'll pay me.

This is very conservative estimate. Hopefully, you'll get paid back MUCH MORE QUICKLY. But, I'd rather err on the side of being too conservative. After you break even, it's virtually ALL gravy!


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These time frames are just examples and may or may not be an accurate indicator of how YOU will do. It depends on YOUR efforts.

3 Things Must be True for Us to Work Together:

In order for me to work together, 3 things must be true.

First, I've got to feel like I can honestly help you. If I can't, I'll tell you so.

Second, you've got to be self motivated. I can keep you from stepping on the mines in the mine field, but I can't CARRY you. I don't have the time or energy to help you "get yourself motivated." If you're not already motivated, I probably could help you, but that's not how I want to spend my time.

Third, you've got to be the type of person I'd invite over to my house for dinner. In short, we've got to get along. Many of my clients have keys to my houses. If we don't get along personally, it won't be anyone's fault, there just won't be a good match.

If you follow this plan you will double or triple your income in the next 18 months. I've coached hundreds of people through this process. They have achieved various levels of success. Some have achieved remarkable results. The difference between them lies in their desire to succeed. Which group do you fall into?

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